Paradise is Carol Ann Cole’s fifth book and her first work of fiction. She is a best-selling author, professional speaker and the founder of The Comfort Heart Initiative.
Carol Ann is a member of the Order of Canada, and has received numerous additional awards including: Queen Elizabeth II Silver and Golden Jubilee Medals, the elite Maclean’s Honour Role, the Bell Canada Heroes award, the Markham Stouffville Hospital Hope award and the Terry Fox Citation of Honour. She is profiled in Canadian Who’s Who and in the 2005 edition of 1000 Great Women of the 21st Century.

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Such a decision for a sixteen-year-old girl. Should she stay within her adoptive family, and with Thomas, her boyfriend whom she has known all her life, or give it all up to follow her long held desire to become a nun? Paradise, in secret, finally leaves her family and joins the convent. She takes with her another secret, the result of the love between herself and Thomas.

Cut off entirely and subject to a strict regime within the convent she has doubts. After five years, she leaves to return to a new life outside and the start of a search for her birth parents, and for her brother, who disappeared during the period she was in the convent.

Buried deep within her is the need to know what has become of Thomas, but even deeper, and not really acknowledged by her, is the desire to know what has happened to her baby, taken from her soon after birth.

Her searches uncover an underworld of crime involved in the buying and selling of babies. There is danger for herself and those she loves